We’re bursting at the seams this month. So much excellent music came out in July, and so we’ve packed together the best singles, album cuts and reissues that have been caressing our ears.

There’s a massive range on this playlist, from reissued funk to experimental grime, ambient techno, IDM, woozy balearic ballads and operatic Brazilian proto-club. Oh yeah, and some house and techno.


Syms & Benedek – Pt. 3
Benedek – Castle 2 Castle
Om Alec Khaoli – Say You Love Me
Dwight Sykes – You’re Exactly
Bullion – Blue Pedro
Ross From Friends – Romeo, Romeo
Keytronics – Calypso In My House
Leo James – The Surface
Ploy – Zoom
Parris – Flowering In Three’s
Porn Sword Tobacco – Untitled A1
PLO Man – TX-i
DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (Club Mix By DJ Sports)
S.O.N.S – A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)
SW. / SVN – Untitled A
Jónbjorn – Xander
Lena Platonos – Lego (Avalon Emerson Remix)
Bufiman – Peace Moves (DJ Normal 4 Ever Armistice Mix)
zvλd – ice core
18 Rays – Long Time Ago
Sanza – Sounouh
Maria Rita – Cântico Brasileiro Nº3 (Kamaiurá)