Swedish producer Korél Kovács fits snugly in the Studio Barnhus stable alongside the likes of HNNY and Axel Boman. He generally takes a fun, colourful approach to house music that often delights, not shying away from pop leanings. But when he gets a bit weird, he’s even better.

An unsung gem from his Radio Koko EP for Numbers last year was Malon, a bizarre confection of twitchy drumwork and heavenly piano keys. The track’s elements are not strange but its structure is – the jittery rhythm and hammering kick run unadorned for two minutes with the frenzied glee of a child. Midway Kovács spreads a generous piano melody across the top like butter and all is becalmed, building towards a grand climax that is suddenly cut short, returning to the insectoid drums as if nothing had happened. It’s all a bit of a tease, but a wonderful one.