The superb Dark Entries label were on to a real brainwave combining these two musicians. Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos started her career in the 80’s and still produces today. Dark Entries recently re-released Platonos’ fascinating ’85 album Gallop, and they’ve complimented the release with a remix EP from rising Israeli disco-pirates Red Axes.

Red Axes really dig their claws into the originals, offering some of the darkest material they’ve put out to date. The highlight is Witches, a lean techno jam based around a rippling synth motif that duels with a snarling acid line. The two elements contrast beautifully, and it gets even better when they introduce Platonos’ vocals, filtered in and out as if chanting to us from another dimension. Classy techno sorcery that shows Red Axes have more up their sleeve than we might have imagined.