Bruce – HEK027

Since he emerged on Hessle Audio in 2014, Bruce has proven himself one of the UK scene’s most consistently creative new producers. Inhabiting the abstract space... >>

Hodge – HEK025

Bristol’s Hodge seems to just get better with each release. He’s already proven his diversity, deftly moving between the colourful house of Outboxx, techno medi... >>

Untold – Doff / Phive

It’s been almost a decade since dubstep lit up the UK scene, and in the intervening period we’ve had no comparable innovation, nothing as groundbreaking or as c... >>

Joe – Punters Step Out / Club Scared

He may not be the most prolific producer, but few survivors of the UK’s dubstep scene can rival the unerring hit-rate of Joe. Inventive and perplexing, Joe’s tr... >>